Deputy Minister of Commerce: protests will remain peaceful


BANGKOK, 5 November 2013 Deputy Minister of Commerce Yanyong Phuangrach has expressed no concerns over the possibility of the current protests turning violent. He believes all sides are rational enough to be able to peacefully express their political viewpoints. 

Although concerns have been raised by the International Chamber of Commerce over the current situation, Mr. Yantong explained that Thailand had gone through many such incidents; however, it did not cause foreign investors to become overly concerned.

Nevertheless, the Commerce Ministry has entrusted the director general of the Department of International Trade Promotion to keep foreign investors updated on the situation in order to retain their confidence in the country.

Moreover, deputy prime minister and minister of commerce Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan will make further clarifications with the International Chamber of Commerce on the current political situation should the latter remain concerned with the ongoing rally.