Plodprasop reaffirms Thailand will not encounter flooding


BANGKOK, 21 September 2013 Deputy Prime Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi has reaffirmed that Thailand will not encounter flooding this year despite continuous heavy rainfall. 

Deputy Prime Minister Plodprasop said even though the recent downpour has caused water level in Chao Phraya River to escalade, but Thailand will not face 2011-like flood which damaged several regions in the country. He, however, said there could be inundation in some low-lying areas.

He went on to say that water level in major dams might rise during the recent downpour, but it is still not enough for use during the annual drought, adding that the government may have to carry on its rainmaking operation.

According to the deputy prime minister, the water level in Bhumibol Dam right now is at 40 percent, adding that in order for Thailand to survive through a drought season, at least 80 percent of water is needed in the dam.

Lastly, Mr. Plodprasop assured the public of the government’s water prevention measures as water pumping machines have been prepared to drain floodwater, while around 100 Navy ships are on standby in case of heavy flooding.