Flood in Buriram yet to ease


BURIRAM, 21 September 2013 The flood situation in Buriram province remained worrisome, with more than a hundred household in Ban Kruad district becoming inundated by forest runoffs, adding to the 1,000 rai of farmlands already under water. 

Staff from Ban Kruad Municipality were dredging waterways to allow a more rapid outflow of water from the inundated areas, and small boats carrying sandbags have been readied to provide future assistance to people in areas that could potentially see flooding soon.

Somsak Marangkun, the mayor of Ban Kruad municipality, said sandbags have been given to people living near the riverbanks to make water barriers for their homes. Mr. Somsak has also told village headmen and sub-district chiefs in flood-prone areas to tell residents to move their belongings to high ground because the continually falling rain could cause more forest runoffs and deluge.

The water level of the inundation at the highway section in Ban Kruad was reported at 60 centimeters. The line of cars waiting to wade through the flooded highway section was almost 5 kilometers long at one point.