Phuket hopes new outbreak won’t worsen its economy

Residents reassure visitors that Phuket is safe because stringent measures to prevent Covid-19 are already in place.

Phuket has been severely affected by COVID-19 and it is now seeing the arrival of a new outbreak. However, Phuket people believe that with the stringent measures already in place, the island won’t be troubled as it is well prepared.

Today, only a small number of people visited OLD TOWN Phuket. Most of the tourists were seen wearing face masks as were local residents, as the new outbreak developed.

The owner of a Muslim restaurant in the Old Town area revealed that there have been many fewer customers including during weekends. Phuket residents also eat out less now than before.

The owner always ensures both workers and customers put on a face mask and check-in via ThaiChana. Almost every shop has hand sanitizer available at the front entrance.

According to Phuket residents, anyone planning to visit Phuket shouldn’t panic or cancel the trip. Phuket locals and the tourism sector have long been prepared for such incidents. By following measures such as wearing a face mask, eating freshly cooked food, using only personal utensils, washing hands, and avoiding crowded areas, everyone should be safe.

Phuketians also stressed that the island is safe, everyone is staying tuned for updates in the COVID-19 reports. (NNT)