Phuket fishing resumes as monsoon subsides


PHUKET, 17 July 2015 – Fishermen in Phuket have begun to leave shore today after the stormy weather has subsided.

Most of the fishing boats are small ones as many of large boats are still anchored while applying for a correct type of license. Fishing boats in Phuket which have yet to complete registration account for 10 percent of all boats in the province.

Boats were forced to stay ashore earlier this week due to the arrival of a monsoon. A boat operator said the brief hiatus in fishing led by the storm pushed up seafood prices dramatically thanks for the lack of supply. However, the demand from Malaysia has dropped as the neighboring country suspends the purchase during Hari Raya.

Meanwhile, Phuket Port In and Port Out center reported that at least 40 fishing boats informed authorities of their departure and arrival daily during the past few days. Boats that have yet to obtain the correct type of license or a proof of registration will not be allowed offshore.