Chiang Rai hopeful with rehabilitated former drugs offenders


Chiang Rai, 17 July 2015 – Chiang Rai province is hopeful on its narcotic offenders successfully completing the new voluntary rehabilitation program.

The Vice Governor of Chiang Rai Prachon Prachsakul today presided over the closing ceremony of the 2015 rehabilitation and training program for drug offenders in Chiang Rai. The rehabilitation camp was organized at the province’s Kwan Pandin Center.

Participants in this program comprised 60 volunteers from 9 districts who had attended this 15-day rehabilitation camp on 2-16 July 2015. The participants are reported to have expressed satisfying results during the campaign, and have taken an oath to refrain any narcotics involvement in the future.

Chiang Rai Vice Governor said that this project has succeeded its goals, while all participants will still receive assistance and evaluation from authorities. These rehabilitated individuals must return the favor by becoming leaders of an anti-narcotics movement at the local levels.

He also asked the participants not to return to drugs abuse behaviours, which would diminish all efforts involved during the rehabilitation program.

During the occasion, the Chiang Rai Provincial Narcotics Control Official Nattapong Takaeng said that this rehabilitation program was held under the new voluntary system that urges ex-offenders to become local anti-drug campaigners.

He added that this program also provided 30 hours of vocational training on electronic appliance maintenance, on handicrafts, on communal activities and on sports. These new skills would be the new recreational activities for these rehabilitated individuals.