Pheu Thai: Cabinet will not be reshuffled at this moment


BANGKOK, 6 October 2013 – The ruling Pheu Thai party said there will not be a cabinet reshuffle at this moment as it has only been 3 months since the last reshuffle. 

Following the widespread rumor, Pheu Thai Deputy Spokesman Anusorn Iamsa-ard said the government has no plan for cabinet shake-up at the moment as it has only been 3 months since the last reshuffle, adding that the government’s administration is not in a position where a cabinet reshuffle is yet needed.

The deputy spokesman said if there were to be a cabinet shake-up, it would have to be after six months, while assuring that there will definitely be another one in the future.

He went on to say that future adjustments will be made based on efficiency of the work and benefit for the people, while the faces of new ministers will be decided by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra only.

Miss Yingluck earlier declined to give any comment on the matter as she walked away when asked about the rumor.