Bangkok possibly spared from floods despite coming high tide


BANGKOK, Oct 7 – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) called on residents of some Bangkok areas and on both sides of the Chao Phraya River to be on alert for two rounds of high tides on Oct 7-9 and Oct 16-22.

Sansern Ruangrit, an engineer at the Department of Drainage and Sewerage at BMA, said residents outside the flood-prevention dykes and on river banks should move their belongings to higher ground as the sea level would be higher during both periods.

He gave assurances that the BMA has closely coordinated with the Irrigation Department in flood prevention and most areas in the capital have been under control so far.

During the high tide on Oct 16-22, water from Ayutthaya province, 80 km north of Bangkok, will flow into the capital at 2,000 cubic metres per second and the water level outside the flood-prevention dykes could rise to 2.8 metres. The current level is 1.72 metres.

He said the BMA would open a sluice gate at Klong Saen Saeb to drain out waters into the Chao Phraya River through Klong Hok Wah on the eastern side of Bangkok.

The Meteorological Department reported that a low pressure weather system would cover some parts of Bangkok this month, resulting in less rain, he said.

Public Health Minister Pradit Sintawanarong said about 100 mobile medical units have made 1,065 visits to people in flood-hit areas since Sept 17.

Apart from flood-related illnesses, some people suffered from stress and depression, he said.