Phayao hit by summer storm for second time


PHAYAO 21 April 2014 — Phayao has been bit by a strong summer storm for the second time this year, damaging over 100 homes and destroying several others that have just been rebuilt after the first storm demolished them.

Officials in Ban Tom, Phayao province, are working tirelessly to clear the main roads that have been covered with trees hard-hit and fallen by the summer storm. Reports indicated that the heavy storm that wreaked havoc in the region on April 20 lasted over 30 minutes.

More than 100 homes have been either damaged or destroyed — including those that have just been rebuilt after they were demolished by the first storm that hit the province. Related officials are continuously working to help and provide assistance to those afflicted.

Roads that have been scattered with fallen trees are being cleared to allow traffic to flow again. Authorities continue to dispatch more officials to provide succor to afflicted residents in the region.