Bueng Kan rubber plantations ravaged by a summer storm


BUENG KAN, 21 April 2014  – In Bueng Kan Province, a summer storm has destroyed about 5,000 rubber trees and caused major distress to about 21 local families living within the area.

Rubber plantations in Bueng Kan Province have been hammered by a summer storm that struck on the night of April 20th. The storm came with gusty winds that blew non-stop for about 30 minutes, causing the trees to shake repeatedly and eventually fall to the ground. The distressed locals panicked as a result, as a storm just hit the area during Songkran, felling a couple of large trees that injured and killed several people.

When morning arrived, the locals woke up, only to see that a number of rubber trees were either broken in half or uprooted from the ground. Overall, the storm had destroyed about 5,000 rubber trees and caused distress to at least 21 families, as most of them make a living by tapping rubber. Currently, officers from the Ho Kham Subdistrict Municipality are still inspecting the damages so that they can further provide assistance to affected local families.