People express support for election in Bangkok & Nonthaburi


BANGKOK, 31 January 2014 Masses of people demonstrated in support of Sunday’s general election at several spots in Bangkok on Thursday, while also calling for the People’s Democratic Reform Committee to respect the rights of others. 

Students from various schools assembled under the banner of ‘respect my future’ network to conduct a candle-lighting activity on the pedestrian flyover in front of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in Din Daeng. Although many of the students at the event were not of voting age, they expressed support for the election. The group also called on the PDRC to respect the rights of others, explaining that the PDRC protests and road blocks had cost them increased travel time to school, and schools near the protest sites had to cancel classes frequently.

In Nonthaburi, locals flew 3 powered paragliders bearing signs inviting the public to partake in Sunday’s election, and expressing support for the democratic process. Another group of election supporters in the province released balloons and lit candles to express their standpoint in urging for peace in the nation.