Thais of Chinese descent went about Chinese New Year’s, though with less vigor


BANGKOK, 31 January 2014  Thais of Chinese descent went about with the usual ceremonies associated with the Chinese New Year’s on Thursday, although the atmosphere of celebration was not as lively compared to the previous year’s. 

In Yaowarat, the Bangkok China Town, Chinese descendants paid homage to various revered shrines in the district to seek prosperity during the year of the horse.

In Ratchaprasong district, business operators and vendors held Chinese New Year’s festivities on the Sky Walk elevated walkway, to stimulate tourism activity and foster tourist confidence; the businessmen and stall owners have been afflicted by the political rallies that ate away at tourist arrivals and spending.

In Phuket province, Thais of Chinese descent were donning red on Thursday when they gathered at the homes of senior relatives to pay respect to their ancestors. Many of them reportedly prayed to their family’s deities asking for peace and tranquility to return to the country.