People very concerned about drought situation


BANGKOK (NNT) – It is forecast that this year’s drought will last up to six months. The government and related agencies have developed guidelines to deal with the drought situation by seeking new sources of water and preparing both short-term and long-term plans for consumption.


Suan Dusit Poll conducted an opinion survey of people nationwide.
The poll was conducted on January 8-11, 2020, with 1,194 respondents throughout the country being asked to submit their opinions on the drought situation.
When asked for comment, the majority said the situation is critical and more serious than in past years; 26.51 percent said they are concerned there won’t be sufficient water for consumption and agriculture; 22.19 percent said the government should come up with relief measures urgently; 16.14 percent said the drought has affected agriculture and the economy; and 10.37 percent want the government to keep people informed of the real developments.
Nearly half of the respondents, 48.99 percent, said they were moderately affected, while 32.17 percent felt heavily affected by the water shortage; another 18.84 percent claimed to be not much affected at all.
Asked what people think should be the guidelines in handling the drought situation, the majority said they should be advised to use water sparingly, while other respondents said they should plan their water usage and keep containers of water; they urged everyone to conserve the environment.
Asked what the government should do in this drought situation, the majority said its actions should be expedient and precise; 33.66 percent suggested that it should look for alternative water sources, drill more artesian wells and resort to rain-making operations; 31.07 percent said a campaign should be launched to raise public awareness of the problem.