Parents reminded to watch over children during Loy Krathong


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Public Health has suggested parents to keep a close watch on their children while partaking in Loy Krathong festivities to protect them from accidents. 

Despite the festive atmosphere on Loy Krathong Day, Permanent Secretary for Public Health Sophon Mekthon indicated that the rate of accidents on the day has been increasing every year. He cited statistics from recent years as showing that an average of 51 people were killed in road accidents on the day while 13 others drowned. The number of children who drowned on Loy Krathong was also found to be twice as high as the average figure on a normal day.

Hundreds of sky lanterns are lit to celebrate Loy Kratong

Meanwhile, over the past five years, more than 200 Loy Krathong revelers were wounded by fireworks and firecrackers. Of the victims, two reportedly succumbed to their injuries.

Mr Sophon, therefore, affirmed that authorities this year will place more focus on reducing the number of Loy Krathong-related accidents. He said all health units nationwide have been instructed to ask local residents to contribute to building a safe environment on the special occasion while parents have been advised to pay close attention to their kids.