Opening of the Miniature Royal Barge Center


Pattaya has a new attraction, one that Thais will be proud of and foreigners can learn more about Thai culture, it is the Miniature Royal Barge Performance Center.

The cultural Minister Mrs. Sukumol Kunplome presided over the opening on the 17th of January. The center showcases the beauty of the  royal barges, the cultural heritage of the river backed up with hi tech sounds and lights.

Also in attendance was the former Minister of Sports and Tourism Sonthaya Kunplome, Pattaya mayor Ithipol Kunplome, the director of TAT in Pattaya Athapol Wanakit along with the visionary behind the project Mr  Jirames Choksuritakeit.

Jirames Choksuriyakiet established another popular spot many years ago called Mini Siam. He has been working for years on his new project – the completion of which follows his majesty the kings 84th Birthday.

The center features a 4D film system and a 360 degree giant screen cinema. In addition there are restaurants and souvenir shops for tourists to browse and shop.

The Miniature Thai Royal Barge Performance Center is located on Sukhumvit Road, opposite Central Pattaya and is open everyday from 10 am- 10 pm , for further information contact 081-865-5353  or visit their website at www.miniaturethairoyalbarge .com