One more dengue fever-related death confirmed in Yala


BANGKOK – One mor dengue fever-related fatality has been confirmed in southern Yala province.

In the latest update on the dengue fever situation in Yala, Mr. Sawang Liuwiwat, a village chief from Moo 11 of Ban Ta Payao in Than To district, confirmed that his son was the latest case of a dengue-related death and the third that the province has recorded since the beginning of the year.


The Yala Public Health Office announced that there have been 544 cases of dengue fever between January 1st and November 15th of this year.

The first two deaths were reported in Raman district and Yaha district, the office said.

Statistics also show the biggest number of dengue patients was recorded in Mang Yala district, where 291 cases have been reported, while patients aged between 15 and 24, represented the largest group of people becoming infected with the virus.

Yala has been ranked 21st on the country’s list of provinces with cases of dengue fever.