NBTC makes 57.9 million from selling 16 “beautiful” phone numbers through auction


The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has earned about 57.9 million baht from its public auction of its first lot of 16 “beautiful” phone numbers.


Of the 16 “beautiful” phone numbers, nine of them are graded as “gold” and have fetched high prices as follows: 09-8888-8888 was auctioned off at 8.1 million baht; 06-5555-5555 was auctioned off at 6.9 million baht; 09-5555-5555 at 6,898,888 baht; 09-7777-7777 at 6,070,000 baht.

Five numbers which fetched 6 million baht each are 09-0000-0000, 09-1111-1111, 09-4444-4444, 09-6666-6666 and 06-1111-1111.

Two premium numbers, 09-9999-9999 and 08-8888-8888 were priced at 20 million baht for the start of the bidding. But no one bid for the two numbers.

The auction of the “beautiful” phone numbers was the first of its kind in this country.