Officials suggest evacuation in area around fire site on Rama 2 road


BANGKOK, 29 Nov 2014,  Officials have suggested that those living in close proximity to the fire site at a plastic product warehouse on Rama 2 road evacuate, saying the Sulphur Dioxide reading in the area is currently higher than the safety limit. A fire broke out earlier today at a warehouse of Thai Poly Plas Pack, a plastic cup factory in Chomthong District on Rama 2 Road. Firefighters were reportedly having a tough time controlling the blaze, as the chemical tanks kept in the warehouse were fueling the fire, and the entrance to the venue is difficult for the fire trucks to enter.

Although the flame has already died down, the firefighters continue hosing down the site, preventing the blaze from recurring. Meanwhile, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and district officials have urged people living within 300 meter radius of the warehouse to temporarily evacuate, as the Sulphur Dioxide content in the air is above the safety level. Police will be deployed round the clock to safeguard the residences against looters .

Authorities have already informed the factory owner and set a schedule for an inquiry on a later date. According to the police, the factory has been insured for 220 million baht. One person who was reportedly injured has been sent to Bang Mod hospital for treatment; he is now in safe condition.