NRC accepts petition on alleged unfair practice by provincial office of Buddhism


BANGKOK, 3 March 2015 – The National Reform Council has accepted a petition claiming unfair practice by a provincial office of Buddhism.

NRC’s member Paiboon Nititawan, who chairs the reform committee on the protection of Buddhism, on Monday accepted a petition from Phra Kru Viroj Thammanukul, the former abbot of Wat Krating of Chanthaburi Province, who travelled to Bangkok with village chiefs.

The petition claimed that the Provincial Office of Buddhism in Chanthaburi unfairly removed Phra Kru Viroj Thammanukul from his abbotship.

Mr. Paiboon said that initial information suggested that there have been quite a number of interesting issues involved and works will be launched to bring justice to all.

He added that the committee which he chairs will host a public forum to hear opinions on the reform of religious affairs, in which monks, members of the public, academics and noted individuals will be invited to join.

The forum will be held every Tuesday for three weeks in a row, starting March 10.