NLA visits Songkhla’s Sadao to get update on special economic zone progress


BANGKOK, 3 March 2015 – Members of the legislature have travelled to Songkhla Province to get an update on the special economic zone project.

NLA member Gen. Sirichai Dittakul on Monday led the legislature’s committee on public administration and sub-committee on central, regional and state enterprise administration to Sonkhla and the Sadao special economic zone.

Upon their arrival, Songkhla Governor Thamrong Charoenkul gave a briefing on the progress on the operations of the City Hall.

According to Gen. Sirichai, after the government introduced the policy to set up a special economic zone on January 19, with Sadao District designated as one of the five areas to host such a project, the NLA’s trip was initiated to inspect the work of Songkhla.

He added that the inspection would especially focus on the administration of the special economic zone and all obstacles that might have emerged before all information is presented to the main NLA meeting later.