Nok Air operating flights from U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya International Airport to 6 cities

For urgent medical and other needs, flights to the North, Northeast, and South available from 24-31 July, 2021.

Nok Air has announced it will be operating scheduled flights from U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport to destinations in the North, Northeast, and South starting Saturday (24 July, 2021) for those who need to fly urgently for medical and other reasons.

Nok Air said it recognized there could be a need for people to travel in times of crisis, and so it was operating these flights for transport of organs, equipment, medical personnel, and other urgent reasons.

The daily schedule of flights to operate between 24-31 July, 2021, is as follows:
U-Tapao (Rayong) – Chiang Mai
Flight DD740     Chiang Mai – U-Tapao (Rayong) – departing at 07.00 Hrs. and arriving at 08.30 Hrs.
Flight DD741     U-Tapao Rayong – Chiang Mai – departing at 17.10 hrs. and arriving at 18.40 Hrs.

U-Tapao (Rayong) – Phuket
Flight DD788     U-Tapao Rayong – Phuket – departing at 13.20 Hrs. and arriving at 14.40 Hrs.
Flight DD789     Phuket – U-Tapao Rayong – departing at 15.10 Hrs and arriving at 16.30 Hrs.

U-Tapao (Rayong) – Nakhon Si Thammarat
Flight DD778     U-Tapao Rayong – Nakhon Si Thammarat – departing at 13.20 Hrs. and arriving at 14.30 Hrs.
Flight DD779     Nakhon Si Thammarat – U-Tapao Rayong – departing at 15.00 Hrs and arriving at 16.10 Hrs.

U-Tapao (Rayong) – Udon Thani
Flight DD770     Udon Thani – U-Tapao Rayong – departing at 07.00 Hrs and arriving at 08.20 Hrs.
Flight DD771     U-Tapao Rayong – Udon Thani – departing at 17.10 Hrs and arriving at 18.30 Hrs.

U-Tapao (Rayong) – Sakon Nakhon
Flight DD774     U-Tapao Rayong – Sakon Nakhon – departing at 09.15 Hrs. and arriving at 10.40 Hrs.
Flight DD775     Sakon Nakhon – U-Tapao Rayong – departing at 11.10 Hrs. and arriving at 12.35 Hrs.

U-Tapao (Rayong) – Ubon Ratchathani
Flight DD782     U-Tapao Rayong – Ubon Ratchathani – departing at 09.15 Hrs. and arriving at 10.35 Hrs.
Flight DD783     Ubon Ratchathani – U-Tapao Rayong – departing at 11.05 Hrs and arriving at 12.25 Hrs.

* Flights can be changed to comply with the government’s measures.

The flights will operate under strict hygiene and disease control measures; such as, social distancing seating, HEPA air filtration systems, and passenger screening measures according to the requirements of each province.

Tickets can be purchased from 23 July, 2021 at 18.00 hrs. onwards. Reservations can be made at or by calling 1318.  (TAT)