Talent Mobility program launched to encourage scientific advances across industries


BANGKOK, 3 March 2015 – The Ministry of Science and Technology has recently launched a new program called ‘Talent Mobility’ to promote the use of scientific methods in every industry. 

Minister of Science and Technology Pichet Durongkaveroj said the program is aimed at encouraging the use of new technology and scientific consultations in businesses to improve efficiency.

The move is also expected to improve the nation’s overall productivity. Dr. Pichet revealed that the private sector in recent years has invested more than 27 billion baht in scientific research.

The Cabinet has endorsed the program, which will enable science institutions to directly collaborate with the private sector, without governmental restrictions. The Minister also hoped that the program will bring researchers more opportunities for scientific achievements and accolades.

Dr. Pichet said manufacturers who are interested in the program can contact TM Clearing House, which has offices at the National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office, King Mongkut’s Institute Technology Thonburi, Chiang Mai University, Khon Kaen University and Prince of Songkla University.