Nepali fraud gang nabbed


Bangkok, 24 June 2013, Tourism Police have arrested a Nepali running an unauthorized employment agency in Bangkok. 

Police said the arrest of the suspect Mr.Bibek Bantawa, whose real name is Mr.Kishor Rai, was made after several complaints surfaced, causing the criminal court to issue an arrest warrant. 15 passbooks, 23 ATM cards were confiscated during the arrest of Mr. Bantawan at his office in Yanawa Distict. He is charged with human trafficking.

According to the police, the employment agency has cheated his customers out of a large sum of money from it clients, promising them employment in the countries such as the U.S., Canada, and Macao.

Authorities said most of the complaints have been made by Nepalis to their embassy. One victim in particular, Pawan Phurong was swindled out of 540,000 baht that was supposed to be to be invested in a restaurant in Thailand.

Initial investigation pointed out that the deceiver had met Mr. Pawan in China before, and had convinced him to invest in Thailand. Not long after the money had been transferred, Mr. Bantawan cut off all communications, attempting to get away with Mr. Pawan’s money.

Police are still hunting for 6 other accomplices of Mr. Bantawan.