The Peranakan Association and Phuket to revive “Baba Nyonya Romantic Andaman Wedding” style


PHUKET, 24 June 2013 The Peranakan Association, together with the Municipality of Phuket and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), yesterday organised a “Baba Nyonya Romantic Andaman Wedding” celebration inherited from a local tradition aged over 200 years. 

Six couples took part in the special wedding ceremony with two honorary couples being those of Phuket governor Maitree Intusut and Phuket’s Muang District chief. Many local and foreign tourists took great interest in the event and crowded the streets to watch the procession.

The President of the Peranakan Association said that the ceremony was held to preserve the beautiful culture of the Peranakan, passed down from generation to generation. Traditional peranakan wedding costumes were worn in the ceremony with peranakan cuisine served and a traditional tea ceremony held at the Jade Swan House, a famous ancient mansion in Phuket, where the ceremony was held.

The chief of the TAT office in Phuket stated that the TAT has continuously supported the “Baba Nyonya Romantic Andaman Wedding” tradition and has put the event on the TAT’s calendar to remind tourists of this annual activity. The event is expected to promote the island province as a sweet and memorable destination for both married couples and honey-mooners.