NCPO promises better public transport regulation within month


BANGKOK, June 12 —  Thailand’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) today promised more orderly public transport services within one month.

Lt Gen Theerachai Nakwanich, the 1st Army commander, said Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha and head of NCPO, expressed concerned about unfair public transport services and discussed possible solutions with concerned authorities.

The problems include unfair fees, illegal parking of public transport vehicles and extortion onfservice providers which affect fees.

“Please stop such influences and extortion because decisive legal action will be taken. Now the information of such people has been compiled and they will be called in for a talk if they do not stop,” he warned.

“A separate working group has been formed to handle problems of motorcycle taxis, passenger vans and taxis. Within a month results will take shape. Soldiers will check all motorcycle taxi queues and focus on problems from influential groups,” the 1st Army commander said.

Gen Theerachai assigned the 1st Division, King’s Guards, to supervise motorcycle taxis, the 2nd Cavalry Division, King’s Guards, to oversee passenger vans and the 11th Military Circle to regulate taxi services.