ICT provides info on gambling sites


BANGKOK, June 12 — Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) has informed the police of more than 300 gambling websites connected to football gambling, revealing that it has gradually shut down those websites and that only a few sites remain open.

MICT advisor Pol Maj Gen Pisit Pao-in said after meeting with Royal Thai Police deputy commisioner Pol Gen Ake Angsananond, in his capacity as the head of the Football Gambling Eradication Centre, that an inspection found that there are around 300 websites involved in football gambling in Thailand.

The MICT has already ordered the closure of 100 websites out of the total figure.

Besides, another 100 sites have opted to shut themselves down, while five or six websites still are operating as their servers originate from abroad, such as in Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia, said the ICT advisor.

The ministry has closed the gateways and other connections of such sites to prevent them from functioning.

The senior ICT official affirmed that the ministry is able to detect where servers are from and coulld shut the sites directly to prevent football gambling, and stressed that if the illegal activity still continued, the ministry might  shut the whole server, which could affect other websites using the same server.

At the same time, the ministry has  coordinating with banks to follow up on a report that bank accounts have been opened to allow money transferring for bidding to be completed online, said the ICT advisor

The police have found no further links to persons opening the accounts, apart from their providing services in opening new bank accounts in place of someone else.