NCPO chief stresses public voices needed to find energy solutions


BANGKOK, Aug 15 — Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, chief of the Army and the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), gave assurances today that the Council would listen to public opinion before concluding its energy reform plan.

He aired his stance in the first meeting of the National Energy Policy Committee.

The meeting reviewed the 20-year Power Development Plan for meant implementation from 2015 to 2035.

Opening the meeting, Gen Prayuth said he would hear from public about their energy troubles and their ideas on energy reform and then the Council would design suitable public participation in the reform.

“I would like our energy development to make a new start [from] May 22. What happened before will be only acknowledged. Then there will be solutions and improvement in all issues and all dimensions… This is for maximal fairness,” the NCPO chief said.

Thaioil chief executive officer Veerasak Kositpaisal said that oil consumption in Thailand would increase by 1-2 per cent  this year.

He said economic recession in the first half of this year caused the consumption to rise by only 0.3 per cent during the period. He expects higher consumption in the second half of this year due to political stability and economic stimulation.

He predicted the Dubai crude price to stand at US$105.3 per barrel on average in the second half of this year.

Although military action and related unrest happened in many regions, prices were capped by soaring production outside the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), he said.