Officials crack down on illegal street racing in Surin


Over 50 illegal motorcycle street racers were rounded up by officials in Surin’s Muang district Saturday night as the provincial administration began a crackdown on illegal street racing which has caused nuisance to many residents.

A large force of police and military police, in plainclothes and uniforms, went on patrol along the detour road, IQ, Sikhorapoom and Surin hospital intersections which illegal motorcycle street racers often gather in groups on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights before the races.

Throughout Saturday night and early Sunday morning, the officials managed to round up over 50 suspected racers and their pillion riders – most of them under 18 years old. Thirty motorbikes which were illegally souped up were impounded.


The officials later summoned their parents to the district police station to acknowledge the charges against their children before releasing all of them after giving them a lecture.

Surin provincial governor Atthaporn Singhavichai said that the crackdown was necessary because officials had received many complaints against the illegal racing. He added that the crackdown would continue until the problem is under control.