Narathiwat welcomes Lion Dance contestants


NARATHIWAT, 8 May 2015  – Officials have welcomed 16 competing teams for the Mae To Mo Shrine International Lion Dance contest, while ensuring extra security measures to maintain safety for tourists and entrepreneurs.

The vice governors of Narathiwat Sittichai Sakda and Somchai Kitcharoenrungroj, along with the officials from the government agencies and the Mae To Mo Shrine has welcomed 16 teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, and Thailand for the 2015 International Lion Dance contest. The contest will be held as part of the 100 anniversary Narathiwat celebration at the Marina Hotel, Narathiwat.

The competing teams have drawn their competing lines prior to the actual contest on 8-9 May 2015. The contest is expected to help tighten the relations of each countries through the mutual practice of Chinese culture.

For this occasion, the vice governors of Narathiwat, along with the related officials, have visited entertainment venues near the contest site to increase security confidence among the entrepreneurs and visitors during the competition.

The Narathiwat vice governor Sittichai Sakda has said that the Mae To Mo Shrine’s celebration is one of the biggest annual events in the province that the local government has prioritized in supporting, and is expected to boost the local tourism scene.

He has said that entertainment venues in the area are now quite lively, while all security agencies have been urged to be more strict on the inspection of suspected persons, vehicles, and items to prevent any incidents from happening.

Meanwhile, the President of the Tourism Business Association of Narathiwat Niwat Jirawit expressed his confidence that many Thai and foreign tourists will visit the border area during the festival. This is expected to help boost border trade with over 10 million baht of money in circulation in restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, and from the transportation businesses.