National Reform Council to submit draft charter amendment proposals by May 25


BANGKOK, 8 April 2015  – The National Reform Council (NRC) has indicated it now has 8 charter amendment proposals, most of which are in relation to the composition of members of Parliament.

An NRC member, Bhairote Brohmsarn, said the NRC submit the proposals to the Constitution Drafting Committee on or before May 25, assuring further that each proposal submitted will be backed by at least 25 NRC members. As of now, the NRC has agreed on 8 proposals, most of which are related to the new political structure. Revisions have been proposed to amend the party list ballot of members of the House of Representatives as well as the method of selecting provincial senators.

Mr Bhairote said he personally agreed with the good intentions of the draft charter, but it is important that its contentious provisions be fairly addressed.