Motorbike taxi driver found dead in a ditch


Banglamung police and paramedics retrieved the inert body of a motorcycle taxi driver in a ditch beside the number 7 bypass.

His neck was broken and it was believed that he had been dead for about three hours, his motorbike lay not far away no other vehicles were in the vicinity.

: The dead mans body is removed by paramedics.The dead man’s body is removed by paramedics.

The deceased was identified as 23 year old Sampan Puenpimai who was stationed at Central Festival Pattaya beach.

A witness who lives nearby said he heard a loud crashing noise at about 4 in the morning but didn’t come out to check.

He said the driver may have been driving at high speed and wasn’t familiar with the road.

He stated that accidents have become a daily scene since the road is in a very bad condition and there were no warnings or bright lights to tell drivers to be careful.


Motorbike taxi driver found dead in a ditch