MFA staff heading to Japan tomorrow in aid of disaster victims


BANGKOK, 15 March 2011 (NNT) – Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will travel to Japan tomorrow to provide assistance for Thai people affected by the recent tremor and tsunami. 

Secretary to the Foreign Minister Chavanond Intarakomalyasut revealed that he and a team of officials were scheduled to visit Japan tomorrow to take care of Thai citizens in the disaster-stricken country. Donated goods and necessities will also be delivered to Wat Pak Nam Narita, which is located near Narita International Airport and is serving as the assistance center for the victims.

According to Mr Chavanond, people in many areas of Japan, such as Sendai, Tokyo and the vicinities of Fukushima Prefecture, are currently faced with food shortage and extreme cold and there is a great demand for warm clothes and blankets. He confirmed that no reports of Thai casualties in the quake and tsunami disaster had been received while dismissing the rumor that the nuclear radiation would soon spread to Tokyo.

The Foreign Ministry is fully prepared, both in terms of budget and transportation, to relocate Thai nationals away from areas with high levels of radiation. A number of them have also requested the Ministry for their return to Thailand, which is expected to be arranged in the near future.