FDA on lookout for radiation-tainted products from Japan


BANGKOK, 15 March 2011 (NNT) – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is coordinating with the Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP) to step up the inspection of imported products from Japan to prevent radioactive contamination.

FDA Secretary-General MD Pipat Yingseri stated that the FDA would meet with the OAP tomorrow to discuss the current nuclear radiation leakage in Japan and the guideline for safeguarding Thailand against possible effects through its imports of Japanese products and raw materials.

In accordance with the Public Health Ministry’s announcement, there are three types of products to receive special attention, comprising fresh milk in which contamination must not exceed 7 Becquerel per liter, milk powder and products which must not exceed 21 Becquerel per kilogram and cereal which must not exceed 6 Becquerel per kilogram. Radiation testing devices will be provided by the OAP, and if any product is found with excessive contamination, the importer will be subject to a fine of 50,000 THB.

The FDA has also discouraged Thai entrepreneurs from bringing in Japanese products in the categories of frozen seafood, meat, milk and seaweed as they are prone to being tainted.

MD Pipat insisted that Thai people should not become anxious over the radiation problem in Japan as the Kingdom was unlikely to be affected. He also warned the public against iodine intake and application of Betadine solution on the skin as the practices were not yet necessary and could pose danger to their bodies instead of protecting them from radiation.