Mekong’s water level increases alarmingly


CHIANG RAI, 5 August 2015, The Mekong’s water level increased alarmingly and damaged farmlands in Chiang Rai. Flood warning has been issued to residents in sub-districts of Mae-ngern, Wiang and Saew in Chiang Saen District.

Farm animals in Chiang Saen were being moved to higher ground. More than 100 rai of chili and corn plantations have been flooded with 2 meters of water, said one of the flood-affected farmers, adding that crops would be obliterated if floods persist for another 3 days.

The water level in the Mekong River in Chiang Saen District increased by 50 centimeters from the early hours of the day and is still rising fast, according to the province’s Marine Office, adding that authorities would closely monitor the situation and inform the locals residing along Mekong River immediately at the first sign of danger.

Meanwhile, flash floods occurred in Trat Province’s Laem Ngob District after days of continuous rainfalls. Floods submerged 5 residences and several fruit orchards early morning yesterday. Currently, flood water is receding. Officials have already been dispatched to survey the damaged areas, provide assistance to the affected victims, and monitor the situation.