Man is murdered after raping his own sister-in-law


On June the 1st police from Dongtan sub-station inspected a bloody scene in a room at a furniture factory in Soi Thepprasit 11.

On the floor was the body of 30 year old Pichai Suksawatnumchok who had stab wounds on his chest and neck.

Police also found a passport of 29 year old Duangporn Pornprasert as it could be linked to the murder.

The factory night supervisor said the dead man was living with his wife known as Piew or Duangporn Pornprasert, the owner of the passport.

Paramedics attend to the dead man.Paramedics attend to the dead man.

He said before the incident he noticed the deceased’s wife went into the room along with an unfamiliar Thai man aged about 30 years old.

He heard them having a heated argument about Duangporn’s younger sister who had been raped.

The supervisor said Duangporn claimed that her husband had sexually attacked her younger sister causing her to be hospitalized.

The supervisor said he tried to calm everybody down but they wouldn’t listen so he decided to leave.

However he had seen the woman and the Thai man leave the room and when he went back in he found Pichai dead on the floor.

This is a sad end to a man who obviously couldn’t control his feelings for his sister in law – feelings that ended up getting him killed.


Man is murdered after raping his own sister-in-law