The Roaring Forties


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday, May 22, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Thierry Petrement (11) 40pts

2nd Yui Bietry (11) 38pts

3rd Brad Delaney (7) 36pts

B Flight

1st Kathy Doody (18) 46pts

2nd Michael Seinkiewicz (18) 40pts

Jan Eriksen (16) 38pts

Near Pins:  No 4 Yui Bietry, No 9 Yui Bietry, No 12 Jez Lees, No 16 Don Lehman.

There was no man of the match today but it was not due to the performance.  It was because the best player by far was a lady, Kathy Doody, as she replicated Mark Woods phenomenal 46 points he scored the previous Sunday.  Michael Senko, himself shooting a fine 40 points, was relegated into the silver spot while Jan Eriksen quietly closed the flight.

Sunday’s winners: Thierry Petrement, left, and Kathy Doody. Sunday’s winners: Thierry Petrement, left, and Kathy Doody.

The flagship flight was not to be left out as Thierry Petrement was holding the biggest bag of loot after a splendid 40 points.  Yui Bietry was two shots adrift for the silver but Yui did have the comfort of two near pins.  Yui’s 38 points was two clear of the tandem of Brad Delaney and Jon Haugen.  The mathematics on Brad’s card was more favorable than those of Jon’s.

Jon Haugen, John Bhang, Jan Eriksen, Don Lehman, Frank Kyle and Lou Zig- Zag shared the 2’s pot.

Tuesday, May 24, Greenwood C&B – Stableford

1st Terry Mangan (12) 36pts

2nd Jon Haugen (7) 34pts

3rd Mike Jeffreys (16) 33pts

Terry Mangan may find a free one-way ticket to the destination of his choice under the Christmas tree if the society has anything to about it; just to give someone else a chance to win.  Terry’s best of the day even par round gave him man of the match.  This was two strokes ahead of Jon Haugen and a further stroke ahead of Mike ‘The Welsh Wizard’ Jeffreys.

Terry, never a man to do things by half, bolstered his winnings by adding a ‘2’, along with Peter ‘The Right Honorable’ Hynard.

Wednesday, May 25, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st Eddy Beilby (14) 38pts

2nd Thierry Petrement (11) 31pts

B Flight

1st Brian Cooper (25) 40pts

2nd Peter Henshaw (18) 36pts

It was a fair sized field with a lot of talent but it was left to the junior flight to provide the fireworks at Bangpra.  I already have a nickname for Brian ‘Minnie’ Cooper’ but from this day forward it will be changed to ‘Minnie Cooper S’, after his man of the match 40 points.  Peter ‘Don O’Corleone’ Henshaw and his eternal 18 handicap took the silver with a solid even par round.

The senior flight was not quite as fierce, but Eddy ‘the Eagle’, lethal off a 14 handicap, was top man with a rock solid 38 point haul which was the only other card to better par.  No one was more surprised than Thierry Petrement to see his 31 point return hold up for the second spot.

No 2’s were recorded so a rollover to Friday.

Friday, May 27, The Emerald – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bob Watson (3) 39pts

2nd Thierry Petrement (11) 39pts

B Flight

1st George Hayes (22) 42pts

2nd Don Lehmer (16) 37pts

A busy week concluded at one of the society’s favorite courses, and for some reason it seems that the society’s members go round this course in record time.  But this did not deter George Hayes as his 42 point haul was good for the junior flight and man of the match honours.  George bettered Don ‘The ladies man – I’m getting married in the morning’ Lehmer by five strokes.

The senior flight was determined on a count-back as Bob Watson and the week’s top player Thierry Petrement were tied on 39 points, with George just edging Thierry.

Thierry’s disappointment was made a little easier to bear as he, Yui Bietry and the man of the match George Hayes shared the 2’s pot.

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