Malaysia confident Thailand will eventually conquer corruption


BANGKOK, 17 May 2015 – Malaysia has expressed confidence that Thailand will, one day, be successful in conquering the problem of corruption.

The National Reform Council has recently joined the National Anti-Corruption Commission in hosting a seminar on the fight against graft and the promotion of ethics.

In addition to members of the NRC and representatives from various private organizations, the organizer has invited Datuk Paul Low, Malaysia’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to attend as an honorary speaker.

Mr. Low has shared with participants of the seminar that he does not consider the problem of corruption in Thailand as critical and unsolvable.

He also noted that the prevention or the clampdown on graft in each country requires different approaches due to differing settings although all solutions must always take into consideration the aspects of economics, society, politics and the promotion of moral and ethics among the people.

The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department also showed his confidence that Thailand will soon find an appropriate solution to such a problem in an efficient and timely manner.