Co-signing of MOU to boost potential of rubber industry


SONGKHLA, 17 May 2015 – The Prince of Songkla University, the Department of Agriculture and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) have co-signed an MOU on rubber development in a latest bid to strengthen the country’s rubber industry.

Under the MOU, the three agencies will undertake different tasks to boost the potential of Thai rubber industry. The Prince of Songkla University will act as the provider of academic knowledge for personnel or agencies through the launch of short courses and general ones in line with the needs of the FTI.

The Department of Agriculture will meanwhile be responsible for research and development which will be integrated into the curricula offered by the Prince of Songkla University. The FTI will then apply the knowledge and technologies to rubber production.

The MOU is expected to improve the production and processing of rubber, thus enabling the country to expand its processed rubber market and rubber prices to go up.