Khon Kaen Zoo organizes Mother’s Day activities


KHON KAEN, 11 August 2014 – A Mother’s Day activity is being held at the Khon Kaen zoo to welcome many visitors.

The zoo, in Khao Suan Kwang subdistrict, Khon Kaen province saw many students and local people alike, signing a book to wish Her Majesty The Queen a very happy celebration on her 82nd birthday anniversary on August 12th 2014. It is one of the opportunities being provided at the zoo during this holiday time.

The Khon Kaen Zoo director, Tewin Rattanawongsawad said this year, the zoo has invited the famous Khon Kaen actor Mike Pattaradej Sanguankwamdee, to join an event where 10 mother and child couples will be chosen to take an exclusive tour of the zoo with the actor.

The zoo also has new residents to introduce, a capybara and a furry baby seal. Both animals’ main habitat originates in South America. As for the baby seal, it will be Thailand’s first male baby seal to be be seen in the country, beginning on Mother’s day.

A naming contest is also being held for the baby seal. The most favored name as selected by the zoo will receive a reward from the Khon Kaen zoo.