Liquor distributors required to issue graphic warning labels on alcoholic beverages


BANGKOK, 11 August 2014 – The Public Health Ministry has proposed mandating the use of graphic warnings on all alcoholic beverage bottles. The warnings are to cover at least 25 percent of the bottle surface. 

Permanent-Secretary for Public Health Dr. Narong Sahamethapat has disclosed that the Ministry is considering a measure to control the consumption of alcohol, which would then be proposed to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) for consideration.

According to Dr. Narong, the number of teenagers and women consuming alcohol has been on the rise. 80 percent of all road fatalities have also been linked to alcohol consumption. The ministry is, therefore, determined to seriously tackle this problem to reduce the death toll.

Alcohol companies will be required to place graphic health warnings covering a minimum of 25 percent of the bottles’ surface. The warnings must inform consumers of the dangers of alcohol consumption. They must also list the phone number 0-2590-3342, which is a complaint center for cases involving cigarettes and alcohol, as well as the hotline 1422.