Immigration Bureau arrests Taiwanese call center operator


Immigration police have raided a Taiwanese call center operation, found to be using Thailand as a base to scam victims in China and Taiwan.

Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, Pol Lt Gen Nattathorn Prousunthorn led the raid on the Bangkok based call center operation of Zhou Zheng Cheng, and seven accomplices at a two story home in Napalai Village in Bang Na District. Officials confiscated computers, international telephones and a list of thousands of victims.

The callers claimed to be bank employees and told the victims that their accounts had been hacked and used to purchase narcotics. They would then transfer the call to an accomplice who would impersonate government officials such as the police, Anti-Money Laundering Officers, and those from the Office of Narcotics Control Board, to gain the victim’s trust. Those who fell victim were then asked to divulge their financial information and transfer money. Most victims were located in China and Taiwan with no Thai victims found so far.

The investigation found that the accused group traveled from the Pacific island of Saipan, which is a territory of the United States, arriving in Thailand in January. The suspects revealed the identity of the head of the operation in Taiwan, for whom an arrest warrant has now been issued. The Immigration Bureau has now revoked the passports of the suspects and will send them back to their country of origin.