Investor confidence remains high


According to the Federation of Thai Capital Market Organization (FETCO), local investors are confident that the Thai economy will improve despite the current volatility while pointing out that foreign investments in Thai stocks remain stable.

Kesara Manchusree, President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
Kesara Manchusree, President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

FETCO quoted its survey on the Investor Confidence Index over the next three months which stands at 100.89, an increase of 11.69 percent from the June projection of 90.33. The organization attributed the positive speculation to the improving local economic situation and the performances of several listed companies, adding that one major negative factor is the volatility in the international capital flows.

The President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Kesara Manchusree, said foreign investors in April bought 1.82 billion baht worth of Thai stocks.

The combined net value of the SET and the Market for Alternative Investment now stands at 15.8 trillion baht, an increase of 1.87 percent from 2016. The average value of daily trades is 40 billion baht, representing a drop of 8.18 percent year-on-year.