Her Majesty the Queen visits team of medical personnel in Sakon Nakhon, northeastern Thailand

Her Majesty Queen Suthida Bajrasudhabimalalakshana has visited a royal medical team to provide health services to the local people of Sakon Nakhon and neighboring provinces.

Her Majesty Queen Suthida arrived at Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University’s (SNRU) Office of the President to meet with the royal medical team. Their Majesties directed the Royal Medical Division and hospitals in Sakon Nakhon to set up a team of medical personnel to provide health services to members of the public in Sakon Nakhon and surrounding provinces. Between October 15 and 20, 2020, His Majesty the King conferred diplomas on graduates of Rajabhat universities in the northeastern region of Thailand for classes of 2016 and 2017.

The royal medical team performed general check-ups, echocardiography, ultrasound, retinal and dental exams. Royally-bestowed biosafety mobile units were deployed to collect COVID-19 test specimens from the residents.

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On Tuesday, a total of 234 people received medical services, many of whom suffered from myositis, oral diseases and dental caries. Her Majesty the Queen granted financial support to six patients and presented basic household medicines to them. The six patients suffered from ailments such as congenital disorder of the digestive system, blurred vision, mental disorder, cerebral palsy, asthma, Parkinson’s disease and neurodegenerative disease.

On this occasion, Her Majesty the Queen presented commemorative pins to the royal medical team.

From October 15 to 20, the royal medical team of 550 personnel provided health services to 2,040 people. Many of them suffered from musculoskeletal, digestive and respiratory disorders, as well as eye and heart diseases. A total of 13,682 people underwent COVID-19 testing. Her Majesty the Queen granted permission for 20 patients to be treated under royal patronage.

Her Majesty the Queen warmly greeted the people who waited to welcome her. The royal visit brought joy and appreciation to them. (NNT)