Heavy rain brings down trees in North East of Thailand


BANGKOK, 29 July 2015 – Heavy rain in the Northeast has brought down trees and damaged a dyke.

In Yasothon province, vehicles have been damaged by large trees and billboards brought down by heavy rain and strong winds. Meanwhile, the large amount of water has caused a 10-meter long crack in the dyke in Nakhon Phanom following weeks of rainfall.

Repairs are now underway to restore the dyke. Ferry operators in Bungkan have been told to be extra cautious when traveling across the Mekhong River as the currents are still strong. Several embankment areas have reportedly been eroded by the river.

The higher amount of precipitation has, however, brought good news to Kalasin residents. Water in Lam Pao dam and 18 others in Kalasin have now been replenished, enabling the PROVINCIAL Irrigation Office to release 4 million cubic meters of water a day into the streams to help farmers, who have already begun to grow rice in more than 296,000 rais of rice fields.