High-speed train project made significant progress


BANGKOK, 29 July 2015 – The Ministry of Transport has revealed that the construction project for a high-speed train between Bangkok and Chiang Mai province has made significant progress.

Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith said the 672-km high-speed railway is a collaborative effort between Thailand and Japan.

The island country has hired a construction company to provide additional design advice to the existing blueprint made by the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning.

Mr. Arkhom said Japan is placing great emphasis on safety, as it will be the first time a railway system outside of the country is being modeled after the Shinkansen.

Japan is suggesting that it be built as an extension to the regular railway. The Transport Minister admitted that it would change plans for land expropriation.

Another meeting over the speed railway development will be held in Japan late next month. The complete construction plan is expected to be completed and ready for Cabinet approval in June next year. Construction will begin approximately in two years.