Health Ministry: Urine drinking can’t prevent diseases


Bangkok – The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has advised that drinking urine does not prevent diseases but could lead to infections. Meanwhile, the director of Ban Jot Nong Kae – Nong Sim School in Khon Kaen is working to establish an understanding of the fact among parents, after a teacher posted on Facebook that water mixed with urine could be used as a medicine, insisting that it was a homemade herbal juice.

The school director wants the parents and seven students who reportedly drank the liquid supplied by the teacher, to be informed of the true nature of the ’juice’. It was also observed by Niyom Pho-Ngam, Deputy Director of Khon Kaen Phichit Primary Educational Service Area Office 3, who says that the teacher claimed the herbal juice was mixed with pandan leaves, such as Tiliacora triandra leaves and Chinese violet leaves which have a cooling effect, suggesting, students who have a high fever would feel better after drinking the potion.

Dr. Sukhum Kanchanaphimai, MOPH Permanent Secretary, has warned the public against following this example of drinking urine and using it to clean their eyes to prevent diseases. He has confirmed that urine cannot prevent or cure illnesses and no modern medical study has ever endorsed the use of urine as a cure for disease. Drinking urine could lead to infection and it is harmful to the body because it is waste that is discharged. If drunk repeatedly, there is a risk of it leaving residue in the body and it would be dangerous, especially to patients with kidney problems or heart disease.