Halal blockchain introduced at Thailand Halal Assembly 2019


BANGKOK – Chulalongkorn University’s Halal Science Center has joined hands with the Central Islamic Council of Thailand and related agencies, to hold the Thailand Halal Assembly 2019, the biggest Halal event in Thailand, highlighting blockchain implementation to solve issues in the Halal industry.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce JurinLaksanawisit presided over the opening ceremony of Thailand Halal Assembly 2019, where he stressed the government’s policy to promote Thailand as the world’s leading Halal product manufacturer, by raising confidence in product quality. Thailand has so far this year exported 120 billion baht’s worth of Halal products, 70 percent of which was food.

The Thailand Halal Assembly this year, features sessions on Halal science and technology, and meetings on Halal standards to ensure Thai halal products’ compliance with Islamic principles while being supported by scientific methods, to meet the increased demand for Halal products.

The first ever blockchain implementation to solve issues in the Halal industry is featured at this assembly, showing examples of the implementation in product tracing, recall, logistics, inventory, and standard certification. The SMEs HERO in Town exhibition is also featured by the Halal Science Center’s Halal for the Society project, presenting the center’s efforts to help community enterprises raise the quality of their Halal products and services.

A Halal product expo featuring 300 booths selling food, cosmetics, tourism, logistics, and financial services from local and international banks, as well as community products from 33 mosques from the SMEs HERO in Town project, is also taking place along with the assembly. The Thailand Halal Assembly 2019 event is now taking place at BITEC Bang Na exhibition center from 20th until 22nd December 2019.