KKU introduces organic MSG-substitute seasoning


KHON KAEN – Researchers at Khon Kaen University have developed a plant based food seasoning based on folk wisdom which can be substituted for MSG, providing a healthier seasoning for consumers.

Researchers from the Department of Food Technology at Khon Kaen University have introduced their plant based “Pak Nua” food seasoning powder, aimed at serving as a healthy substitute for MSG.

The formula for the new seasoning is still being finalized, but will eventually be registered as the intellectual property of a safe herb farming group of Sila subdistrict.

Lecturer Pimnipa Hirunsorn said this week that the new organic seasoning is made from a blend of local herbs in the northeastern region, such as Pak Wan Ban that has a sweet flavour, pumpkin for nuttiness, and Cha Muang for tartness; It has blood enriching benefits, as well as the aromas of garlic and parsley. The combination of these ingredients in an appropriate ratio will provide a savoury flavour which can be used as a natural seasoning instead of MSG.

Pak Nua seasoning powder is a community product from the safe herb farming group of Sila subdistrict. Khon Kaen University is helping with the marketing, package design, research and development, food processing, and product safety tests.