Gunpowder explosion destroyed house and damaged few more in Suphanburi


BANGKOK, 15 May 2013 An accidental ignition of gunpowder blasted a house in Suphanburi that had been modified into a factory, killing all 3 people sitting at the back of the building. 

Prior to the explosion, Sa-nga Kuthaphan, Sa-nguan Kuthaphan and Sa-ngat Phakpho were doing their part-time work filling gunpowder into table tennis balls to make improvised explosives locals use to chase away birds from plantations. The ensuing explosion ripped apart the building and damaged a couple others nearby. The 3 women were sisters.

Police said the 3 were hired by the owner of a large fireworks factory to make the improvised explosives, at the rate of 100 filled table tennis balls for 7 baht. They also said Mrs. Sa-ngat used to try and make fireworks in the past, but had abandoned the effort.

The cause of the ignition is still under investigation. Officials have been ordered to inspect fireworks factories in the areas to see if they have permits. Legal action will be taken against those who operate without a valid one.