4 Burmese arrested for killing countryman in Bang Saray


Four Burmese brick makers were arrested for allegedly killing a fellow countryman with a 30-centimeter knife.

Ye Mian, 38; Tan So, 19; Chominkhai, 18; and Sukan, 18, workers at VK Supply Engineering in Sattahip, stabbed a co-worker identified only as “Meng” three times in the neck and once in the chest April 23 in a cassava field near Khao Sichan Temple in Bang Saray.

Police called the murder sadistic and assigned crews to watch the brick company until the suspects, which had fled for days, returned.

Police have the suspects reenact the crime for the media.Police have the suspects reenact the crime for the media.

Investigators said the four men confessed to the killing, saying the killing was in retaliation for Meng stabbing Tan with a broken bottle during a round of excessive drinking. They tied his hands behind his back, put him on a motorbike and took him to the field where they killed him, police said.